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Joy, giggles, and a lifetime or memories abound each week in Mini Melodies as you sing, dance, and connect with your little one in a musical playground! Mini Melodies holds parent participation based child group music classes, using the international, research based, Music Together® program. We have classes locations in SLO, Arroyo Grande and in Los Osos! Check out our class schedule page to find out more!


Your Big Kids will delight in singing, dancing, and exploring music in this dynamic music adventure! Mini Melodies holds Music Together Big Kids® for ages 5-7 years, using the international, research based, Music Together® program in Los Osos! Check out our class schedule page to find out more!

Lyrics and Melodes-GROUP VOICE CLASSES (8-12 YEARS)

Your young musician will blossom with confidence as their passion for music is ignited. Watch their eyes sparkle with pride as their ability grows! Group voice classes are perfect for younger students who enjoy singing with others or who learn best when surrounded by peers. Classes focus on learning basic vocal and performance technique in a fun and emotionally safe environment. Classes work on warm ups/technical exercises, singing in rounds, various repertoire, music games and basic music theory and include one 30 minute private lesson per semester. The atmosphere is fun and encouraging of singers with all levels of development! For more information and to register, visit:

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