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Registration for Online Holiday semester Is Open!

  Pricing (3 weeks) :               

 Mixed Ages/Babies Class (Mon, Wed, Fri 10am):    

1st Student: $75, Sibling: $0 

(Please register all children so we know who is coming)                           

Rhythm Kids (ages 4-8yrs) (Wed 4pm, Fri 1:30pm):  $75, Sibling: $0

*All live classes are recorded (instructor's face only) for later viewing

Zoom-a-long with Uncle Gerry

 Pricing (Special Event) December 19th 10am:                  

1st Student: $25, Sibling: $0 

(Please register all children so we know who is coming)  

Our tuition includes one professionally recorded CD, a code to access the new Family Music Zone on the Music Together® website, the Music Together App, and, a beautifully illustrated songbook with family activity suggestions. Classes include parent education to help adults understand and enhance their child's music development. Families will also receive a quarterly e-newsletter and access to the national informative website. New families receive a booklet, "Music Together At Home: Helping Your Child Grow Musically"; a guide for parents and caregivers.






"I highly recommend this class. Even if my child is quiet in class, he is taking it all in and his musical expression comes out at home. He loves music, both instruments and using his voice." -Mini Melodies, Fall 2016